Oh June

It’s the month we cherish, so soft, so long
For it͛s as gentle and warm as a song
Those blue skies, breezes, birds, and flowers
Those fluffy clouds, those better hours

That wonderful feeling so deep within
For the summer season is about to begin
Those school doors closing, children are free
And the winter season is but a memory

OH JUNE, with your beautiful touch
The greening of everything, we love so much
The forests, the fields, the gardens, the grasses
That special feeling, as Memorial Day passes

That baseball fever all across the land
That very first walk on the ocean͛s sand
The festivals beginning here and there
And that sense of tranquility, everywhere!


The snowflakes tickled my window
And they awoke me from the night
They warned me of a world
Outside, that was buried in white

For all throughout the evening
The snows would surely fall
The snowstorm of February was here
And I awoke to behold it all

In fact, it continued to snow
Throughout the entire day
The winter winds were wild
The winter skies were gray

But the silence was wonderfully welcomed
Oh the wonder of no sound
Except for of course the snowplows
That routinely, were all around

"And the sky is a hazy shade of winter."- Simon and Garfunkel


On February 2nd they begin to gather
Even as early as the crack of dawn
There at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney
They cherish the coffee to drown out the yawn

In fact, they gather from near and far
As they are held in tradition’s sway
For all the festivities and the polkas
It is the experience of Groundhog Day

On February 2nd the common gets crowded
And the curiosity only tends to grow
For there is a wonderful anticipation
If “Phil” sees his shadow, we’ll surely know

And if he does, well it’s six more weeks
Of winter, of wind chill, and of cold
And if he doesn’t there is relief
As the festivities begin to unfold

“Well, what if there is no tomorrow ? There wasn’t one today.”- Bill Murray, from the movie Groundhog Day


These many days of January
Seem so lonely and mundane
For we are depressed by the snowfall
And surprised by the rain

The holidays now are a memory
The skies are listless and gray
March will probably be brutal
So I long for April and May

These many days of January
Are like a sad tale that is told
And I’m sure the month of February
Will be just as ruthless and cold

And so I’ll endure the cabin fever
And the melancholy of the season
And through the silence of the winter
I will write my rhymes and reason


God told Noah to build an ark
For man, now flawed, went wrong
And after the flood the waters receded
And He chose Abraham for a journey, long

Then Moses would lead an entire nation
With miracles from his God above
Joshua would later win all the battles
In the providence of God’s great love

David would be a warrior king
The psalmist who was called to see
And because he was the man after God’s heart
He’ll one day have a throne in eternity

Jesus Christ was God in the flesh
Worthy of all praise and glory
The apostles and churches would spread the good news
And this is the wonderful story

“Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.”- Proverbs 25:25


It’s all about the wind chill
And the temperature dropping low
It’s all about the snowstorms
And the resulting drifts of snow

It’s all about the melancholy
Days are cold and lifeless and mundane
It’s all about the lack of sunlight
And the frost upon the pane

It’s all about the cabin fever
And the feeling of being pent
It’s all about the flus and sniffles
The winter of our discontent

It’s all about the plows and shoveling
That makes the human spirit pout
It’s all about a yearning for spring
Yes, that’s what winter is all about

“What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?”- John Steinbeck


Christmas trees thrown on snow banks
As they shed their evergreen
There is a silence down every lane
What a contrast to the holiday scene

Trash bags explode with wrapping paper
Christmas cards are removed from doors
The business of life resumes again
And empty are all of the stores

Christmas presents seem to loose their luster
Christmas wreaths are taken down
Snowflakes are dancing upon the breezes
In the city, the country, the town

Christmas knick-knacks are put in boxes
Then into the attic, they’re stored
ANOTHER CHRISTMAS has come and gone
But as always it was adored