It’s that summer month that follows June
As the heat arrives as early as noon
Those long hot days that we do endure
But it’s many people’s favorite month for sure

That powerful sunshine, that evening breeze
Those relaxing hours, those days of ease
Those ocean beaches for the multitudes
Those festivals and fairs, of music and foods

OH JULY, on your Fourth, a celebration
The fireworks spectacular, across this nation
Those bombs a bursting across the sky
As America looks up, and gives a sigh

Those baseball games on the fields of play
The fishing and swimming each innocent day
The tee shirts and flip flops, making memories to remember
For the Summer flies, and it’s soon September

“We had joy we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.”- Terry Jacks, by Jacques Brel and Rod McKuen



You can tell as early as sunrise
That many may drop to their knees
For the thermometer bulbs will rise
Possibly to 100 degrees

The humidity is there in the air
Even at this earlier hour
And the sunshine is bright in the sky
With a radiance and a power

We’ll run for liquids and for shade
We’ll find refuge in the pool
The sweat will soak through our clothes
We’ll yearn for anyplace cool

The A/C units have begun to “chug”
It’s time for that Summer swoon
The morning is quiet, as we await

“Hotter than a match head”- The Loving Spoonful


People begin to slowly gather
In Patriotic anticipation
For tonight, the fireworks will explode
All across this nation

They’ll gather there along the plains
And in each and every park
For picnics and for festivity
At sunset, as the skies grow dark

There’ll be the waving of American flags
There’ll be the food stands and souvenirs
There’ll be the band upon the stage
Amidst the celebration and the cheers

And this night across America
The bombs will burst in the air
The fireworks will fill the sky
Because long ago, our flag was still there

“Born in the USA, I was born in the USA.”- Bruce Springsteen
“Every time that flag’s unfurled, they come into America.”- Neil Diamond


Well, it’s about half way through the summer
When the future players of fame
Relax, and take a three day break

It’s not as big as The Super Bowl
But it’s still a celebration
For America loves its baseball
All across the nation

It’s not as big as The World Series
The Classic in the Fall
But on this Tuesday night in July
It has the attention of us all

There’s The Home Run Derby on Monday
On Tuesday the game, we adore
Wednesday is the nothing day
Before the season resumes, once more

“There are only two seasons, winter and baseball.”- Bill Veeck
“I’d walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball.”- Pete Rose
“Baseball was, is, and always will be to me the best game in the world.”- Babe Ruth
“The one constant through the years Ray, has been baseball.”- from The Field of Dreams


Let’s write a Zany poem
But one that has a Zest
We might call it THE “Z” POEM
In the Zone, upon this quest

There are words like Zeppelin and Zebra
And Zoo, so easy to rhyme
Zucchini, Zodiac, and Zephyr
A word much more sublime

Zero is the same as Zilch
Though I’d prefer a Zillion
And in the Zenith of Zombies
Surely there are a million

Yes,let’s write a Zany poem
But one that has a Zeal
Let’s Zoom into focus
To make our poem real

“Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letter box, they tumble blindly on and on, across the Universe.”- John Lennon


TODAY I’ve been picked apart
Zip locked
And computerized

There were cell phones
And dead lines
Committee meetings
And warning signs

Corporate policies
And brainstorms
More procedures
And endless forms

So tomorrow I’ll need the mountains
The oceans and the wood
The sunshine and the fields
The festivals, and all things good

“Beware the barrenness of the busy life.”- Socrates
“Now he walks in quiet solitude, the forests and the streams, seeking grace in every step he takes.”- John Denver


MY DAY begins with meditation
Which always leads to prayer
Silence and stillness are essential
It’s then I know God’s there

And then into the scriptures
Deeper truth is there to see
I’d almost call it “mysticism”
For illumination comes to me

MY DAY also begins with coffee
In the morning, it makes me sigh
For I feel it’s wonderful warmth
Like the sunrise in the sky

It also tends to “quicken” me
And it gives me power to begin
Along with meditation and prayer
The scriptures, and my God, within

“Be Still and know that I am God.”- Psalm 46:10.
“Somewhere in the race we run, we’re coming undone.”- Keith Urban
“Hurry is not of the devil, hurry IS the devil.”- Carl Jung