Talking to God

by Bobby Brown (excerpted from Spiritual Passion)

This morning I was TALKING TO GOD
And there were no grueling cries
There was not a lot of mumbo jumbo
It wasn’t a painful exercise

It was not filled with quaint clichés
It was just simple talk, I guess
I mostly listened, the words were few
And I never even said the word bless

Why do we make it lengthy and hard
Why do we make it a thing to dread
Why is it so repetitive, ritualistic
When it should be a joy, instead

And then in the stillness of the hour
My spirit seemed to come alive
The Bible was beautiful, the poetry flowed
And then through the day I would thrive


Veteran’s Day

by Bobby Brown (from the book “Spiritual Passion)

It happens each November 11th
As our patriotism tends to revive
For we honor all of our veterans
Those heroes of battle, alive

Memorial Day is more for the fallen
During those wars of history
But many walk this day through the cemeteries
To remember them, in memory

There will be parades throughout America
And public meetings here and there
Schools and businesses close this day
And there’ll be silent reverence everywhere

Thank God for all of our veterans
As those flags so quietly wave
For their sacrifice and their service
In the land of the free and the home of the brave

The Sun Shines Down Upon November

by Bobby Brown (from his book “Spiritual Passion”)

For those who’ll listen, the birds still sing
The breezes are still mild and pleasant
There’re almost like those winds of spring

The fields and forests are silent and dry
You can actually hear a silent rustle
Of the breezes, the whines, the whispers
Which in December will add some muscle

So let us bask in this beautiful day
The skies of blue are here again
To replace those days of mundane gray

And once again a month grows old
And so does another year
Let’s breath in deeply this November day
As the darker days draw near

In Between Seasons

The summer is fading with the days
The sun’s retreating into the haze
The times grow short and gone is the song
Of the birds, when nights grow long

Apples now fill the roadside stands
Indian Summer will grace the lands
And the seeds watered by April showers
Have produced a harvest of crops and flowers

The ocean beckons just once more
The waves, the breezes, the horizons, the shore
Soon the festivals of peaches and beer
As mystical October draws so near

The glorious foliage is on the way
One bright, clear, crisp, cool autumn day
The moon seems much bigger in the early sky
IN BETWEEN SEASONS, there’s a beauty nigh


It starts with the sunshine loosing its power
And those cooler breezes, that grace the hour
Those gardens ripening out in the field
And those apple orchards which soon will yield

That feeling of sadness as the season is changing
A few leaves turning colors, the rearranging
People back in school on a destined day
And those memories of summer, fading away

OH SEPTEMBER, you have a grace and an ease
As those cooler breezes waltz with the trees
Your Labor Day Weekend, that is held sincere
With full knowledge that summer’s still here

There’s the climax of baseball, that many adore
The beginning of football, to give them much more
The festivals that continue, to grace the heart
Before the arrival of autumn’s fresh start

"September days are here, with summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer."- Helen Hunt Jackson


Tonight the stars are magnificent
Across the quiet summer sky
My toes caress the grasses
As I gaze at the wonder on high

There’s a silence across suburbia
As people are lost in sleep
But I’M PONDERING the galaxies
In this Universe, vast and deep

The breezes of August are refreshing
The crickets are getting strong
The neighbor’s pool filter is humming
As I meditate in the stillness, long

The night is dark but enchanting
As I consider those stars above
And always I feel inspired
By the God of incarnate love

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the works of his hands."- Psalm 19:1

A Case for the Church

by Bobby Brown

A hurricane can uproot a tree
Whether oak, or maple, or pine
However the tree would be much stronger
In a forest, where the roots entwine

Forsake not the assembling of believers
It is God's will and God's way
In fact, you should do it all the more
As we approach that future day

An ember will quickly start to die
If by itself it rises higher
But its warmth would be sustained
If it stays within the fire

Give not only honor, but double honor
To those who are over you, for sure
For the church is really God's fullness
And you are a member in particular